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The Cloud Architect’s Guide to iPaaS

In the era of hybrid IT environments, integrating legacy systems with the latest cloud applications opens up a whole new world of complexity. Architects are expected to rise to this challenge—and you can, with Integration Platform as a Service.

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS is a cloud integration platform that combines application and data integration. It enables development, execution, and governance of integration workflows among on-premise or cloud-based applications as well as traditional and newer data protocols. A holistic iPaaS solution encompasses batch and real-time integration services, a broad range of native connectivity, a robust API framework, master data management, test data management, data quality, and security.


Platform Services: Unified data and application integration

Informatica Cloud iPaaS solves a variety of use cases, be it cloud data warehousing for analytics, or inter-cloud business processes. It lets you:

  • Bi-directionally synchronize all key objects from cloud and on-premise apps
  • Replicate cloud app data, regardless of data volumes or frequency of data changes
  • Automate complex business processes that often require a sequence of real-time data calls
  • Minimize the risk of potential test data breaches while delivering significant cost avoidance with integrated test data subset capabilities
  • Run processes more efficiently with standardization on country ISO codes, prevent duplicates at entry, and track and merge existing duplicates
  • Connect to complex XML data sources, industry formats such as SWIFT, HL7, and EDI, and unstructured documents

Integration Services: Batch and real-time integration

Enable business processes spanning different cloud and on-premises applications by integrating live operational data in real time. Deliver business data in context to the right user, at the right time across any device and make your business more agile and efficient.

Complete API framework

Use the most comprehensive API framework to define, create, and consume APIs for both batch and real-time integration needs. Also utilize Informatica Cloud's REST APIs to embed integration functionality directly into your app’s UI and abstract away integration complexity for your end users.

Monitoring & Administration

Informatica Discovery IQ

Informatica Discovery IQ (IDIQ) is an innovative cloud-based enterprise-grade solution that lets you easily manage, monitor, and trouble-shoot your integration processes running in Informatica Cloud by providing predictive self-service analytics, full-proof diagnostics, and industry-based best practices. IDIQ is integrated with Informatica Cloud and designed for administrators, project managers, and developers to:

  • Gain enterprise wide insights into their Informatica Cloud platform’s performance and usage
  • Perform log analysis and capacity planning
  • Execute upgrades seamlessly

IDIQ highlights contextual recommendations on how to maximize adoption of Informatica Cloud. Combining product usage data, customer interaction data, web searches, and customer escalations, IDIQ provides predictive best practice recommendations to maximize ROI and speed up upgrades and development.

Access IDIQ through the Administer tab on your Informatica Cloud account web page or enter your credentials on the IDIQ web page. (Informatica Cloud credentials).

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Robust administration

Informatica Cloud is certified as Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready by the Skyhigh CloudTrust Program. Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Up-to-date operational status of Informatica Cloud can be found on the Cloud Trust website. Admins can also easily provision and centrally manage multiple Informatica Cloud accounts within their organization, including multiple production and sandbox accounts, as well as manage users involved in different projects. For added productivity, admins can use iOS or Android devices to securely check the status of integration jobs, monitor Informatica Cloud usage, and troubleshoot or schedule data integration tasks on the fly.



Robust cloud security

Informatica iPaaS maintains compliance with the most stringent regulations. It supports standard 128-bit SSL Internet security when processing integration jobs and disables all unnecessary ports and services. All operating systems, servers, routers, firewalls, and databases are patched with the most current security releases. Database servers are not accessible through the public Internet. In addition, network segmentation through firewalls is performed to ensure infrastructure access security, while load balancer and firewall policies limit the type of access allowed to each of these network segments. Compliance with SSAE-16, ISO-27001, PCI, and Salesforce.com AppExchange certifications is maintained.

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