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Support enterprise companies in catalog procurement and supplier relationship management (SRM) with an industry-independent catalog solution. 

The Informatica Procurement application lets you quickly and cost-efficiently procure products and services, easily integrate suppliers, and adopt supplier catalogs into your procurement system.

Procurement is deeply integrated with SAP ERP and supplier relationship management (SRM) systems—as well as other ERP systems—to deliver a single point of search for purchasing. With fast item entry and collective entry, creation and uploading of shopping cart lists and templates, and a search function embedded in shopping lists, Procurement drastically shortens your ordering processes.

Ease of use delivers broad adoption

Incorporating trends from the B2C arena into the new GUI design, our goal is to make the application as accessible as possible for all groups of users. Detailed product descriptions, item indicators (e.g., for top sellers), larger versions of item images, and graphically highlighted favorites can be displayed in the results list. This makes available a large amount of relevant information.

Usability is further enhanced with the single sign-on function, and automatic authentication in an SAP NetWeaver portal eliminates the need for a manual login.

Informatica Procurement also comes with a tablet- and smartphone-optimized view, allowing you to search and order products from anywhere.

Transparency optimizes negotiating

Its Catalog Intelligence module creates transparent procurement evaluations and analyses. When all parties have ready access to quality data, decisions are more sound and prices and discounts can be optimized in purchasing and supplier negotiations.  A dashboard provides a centralized overview of all procurement processes across the company, particularly useful for purchasing managers, and real procurement data can be compared with newly negotiated prices and simulated in a simulation area.

Informatica Procurement consists of these key functional areas:

  • Business Catalog: Delivers an internal digital catalog so your organization can find, visualize, compare, and order products and services.
  • Supplier Portal: Supports the entire procurement process, from the supplier’s providing the catalog data to the importing, validating, and releasing of catalogs.
  • Catalog Intelligence: Delivers total transparency for sound decision making and optimized purchase prices.
  • Smartform Builder: Provides, through its drag-and-drop interface, a real-time preview of how configurations will appear to users later in the catalog.
  • Catalog Stream: Delivers PIM-to-Procurement B2B integration for better data quality from suppliers to simplify data management.

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