Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Integrate, cleanse, govern, master and secure data across public cloud, SaaS, and on-premises systems.

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Hybrid Cloud Data Management Challenges

The movement to cloud is an unstoppable force in today’s IT reality. Enterprises are engaged in the latest cloud megatrend—a massive race to reduce their data center footprint by redirecting on-premises workloads to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Most organizations evolve towards a hybrid cloud architecture, consisting of public cloud, SaaS, and on-premises systems. Consequently, data architecture is inherently more complex as organizations face data residing in multiple disparate systems. They need to address key hybrid cloud data management challenges, including data connectivity, visibility, scalability, and operational control.

Accelerate Public Cloud Benefits

Whether you are lifting and shifting your entire data center to a public cloud or implementing a hybrid data warehousing or hybrid application integration project, Informatica’s Hybrid Cloud Solution addresses your data management challenges. We help you quickly get up and running with new cost-effective data services, such as Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Google BigQuery, rapidly connect them to any data source in cloud or on prem, and scale your solution as your needs grow.

  • High-performance, native connectors securely integrate all your data silos.
  • Visual metadata-driven tools offer visibility into end-to-end data flows.
  • Metadata-driven architecture is the foundation for data quality, governance, mastering, and security.
  • Performance at scale with advanced capabilities such as clustering on a grid, pushdown optimization, and infinite capacity and bursting.
  • Single point of control monitors data flows and troubleshoot issues early on.



Maximize Value of Disparate Data Assets

Informatica accelerates delivery of clean, secure, connected data, regardless of its source. Hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors enable you to rapidly unlock data from across your hybrid cloud environment and harness it for business insights and end-to-end business process support. Easy-to-use role-based tools increase the productivity for citizen integrators and technical users alike, so they can focus on using data for business differentiation. Our platform is inherently designed for elasticity and massive scale and supports your growth in public cloud from early proof of concept to petabyte-scale production systems. Turn to Informatica to accelerate the benefits of public cloud economies, scale and agility.

Public Cloud Solutions

Accelerate the benefits of public cloud economies, scale, and agility with Informatica solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Extend the power of Azure by connecting trusted data from any source across your enterprise.

Amazon Web Services Redshift

Amazon Redshift

Unlock the power of Amazon Redshift with connected, trusted, meaningful data from any source.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Power business innovation by delivering, managing, and synchronizing trusted data from all sources.  

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